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Earlier this year election officials did away with the use of touch screen machines for early voting and on primary day. Once the scanner has counted your votes, the paper ballot automatically drops into a locked ballot box, says the Maryland State Board of Elections website. Voters will notice a change when casting their ballots on primary day. This paper ballot will then be scanned by a machine. They will also elect delegates to the political conventions as well as candidates for local races, including school boards. Prior to earning her law degree, she worked for Lockheed Corporation at Goddard Space Flight Center with the Spacelab program. Ralph Jaffee Ralph Jaffee is a retired school teacher.

term in Congress and was elected as the House Democratic Whip in the Democratic Caucus for 112th, 113th and 114th Congresses. Marine vet and current security agent and contract manager. Harold Painter Painter is a certified public accountant from Allegany County.

He has worked on Capitol Hill as an assistant to then Sen. She worked as Assistant US Attorney in the District of Columbia and an Attorney with the Defender Association of Philadelphia. Terence Strait He has worked as a professional statistician for the US Census Bureau.

According to his bio, he also is a certified cryptologist for the NSA.1. He has a law degree and clerked for former Chief Judge Eugene Sullivan on the United States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces. Warren Christopher He is a former Chief of Staff to the Department of the Interior. Joseline Pena-Melnyk She currently serves as a Democratic member of the Maryland House of Delegates representing District 21. She is also an attorney who represented children suffering from abuse and neglect. Mark Amess He is a doctor with extended experience in aviation medicine for the military.

Hillary Clinton has served as Secretary of State in the Obama administration. Rocque De La Fuente is an American entrepreneur who made his fortune in the car industry. In 1992, he served as a super delegate for California at the DNC Bernie Sanders has represented the state of Vermont in the U. He ran for the US House in the 5th Congressional District of Maryland in 2014. He served as deputy assistant secretary of defense for counter narcotics and counter proliferation under George W. Chrys Kefalas is the VP of Executive Communications for the National Association of Manufacturers. Navy serving as a Communication Specialist, Intelligent Photographer. Richard Shawver Richard Shawver lives in Sykesville.

He won the Republican primary nomination in 2014 but was defeated in the general election. Richard Douglas is an Iraq war veteran and a senior lawyer to 3 U. He served as the youngest Deputy Legal Counsel to the Governor of Maryland (Ehrlich). Lynn Richardson Lynn Richardson owns an advertising and commercial photography company. He earned degrees at Towson University (HR) and University of St.

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