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It makes us that much more horny for each other and we end up acting like teenagers and fucking every which way through the night! On that particular rainy day, Gwen decided to practice her dance routine.

I’m a lousy dancer, but I thoroughly enjoy watching Gwen.

We’re not married, but our relationship is more solid that many married couples’.

Part of our success together is a very satisfactory sex life.

She’ll tell me about what it felt like to have a stranger’s cock inside her body and I’ll tell her all about being in some slut’s mouth, cunt and ass.She asked me to join her in our bedroom in 30 minutes. My cock was oozing pre-cum and I desperately wanted to shoot my load, but I called up every reserve of willpower that I had and waited. Gwen was lying facedown on the bed, completely naked. She oohed and aahed and seemed to melt in my hands as I rubbed her feet.Her legs were spread apart and I could clearly make out the bright pink slash between her dark chocolate thighs. Next, I gently but firmly rubbed and kneaded her back. Of course, there was the accidental (on purpose) touching of Gwen’s labia and opening of her vagina.As I was finishing with her thighs, Gwen asked me to massage her butt cheeks. I started slowly, trying to pace myself, but soon I knew it was a lost cause.I squeezed and gathered up the fleshiness of each cheek with my hands. Her butt cheeks were contradictions in sensations, both firm and soft, pliable yet hard, smooth yet covered with goose bumps.

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