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The callous claims management boss used young girls wearing tight jeans and T-shirts to collect money for Sunflowers, a cancer care charity based in Liverpool.

But as our investigators watched, they also handed out Cromby’s business cards telling spectators they could win huge payouts ‘with or without medical evidence’.

But Cromby used the night to attract new clients – and hired two attractive young women to hand out business cards which urged punters to ‘call our dedicated holiday sickness team’.

The women handed out the cards at the same time as they approached punters with a yellow bucket appealing for charity donations and selling raffle tickets.

Last week it was reported that Spanish hotel owners have called for British holidaymakers to be banned from their resorts, alleging bogus claims have cost them £42 million in 18 months.

Now The Mail on Sunday can reveal major travel firms – including Jet2, Thomson and First Choice – say they have started blacklisting customers whom they suspect have made bogus claims.

To encourage people to make fake illness claims at a charity fundraising event for people who are genuinely seriously ill is the lowest of the low. We need tough new regulation of these claims management companies.’The Mail on Sunday has previously revealed how cowboy firms systematically coach British tourists to lie about becoming ill on all-inclusive holidays in order to win compensation payouts of up to £5,000.But now some major companies are fighting back against the bogus claimants by blacklisting them.Private investigators have also been hired to probe sickness claims.Encouraging someone to submit a false claim is a criminal offence.Customers who are tempted to submit such a claim should also be aware that they will be breaking the law both in the UK as well as the country where they took their holiday and they risk a custodial sentence.‘We know that fraudulent holiday sickness claims are a priority for the police and we would strongly encourage them to launch an investigation following the work of the Mail on Sunday’s reporters.’Tour operators have generally settled cases quickly to avoid expensive court battles, despite suspecting that many of the claims are fake or exaggerated.

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